We have along list of very satisfied bands, venues and organisations who have used us in the past. Below is a list of some of our previous clients...



Our main clients are local bands playing everything from heavy rock all the way through to quiet acoustic duos. Most have used our service on more than one occasion. Have a look below

"Kevin's been with Diablo from day one and we're chuffed to have him on board as the 5th Diablian! He sits at the back of the venue in front of what appears to be a thousand buttons all dedicated to making Diablo sound good" - Dave Drums (Diablo)

"Top class sound, top class service, from a top bloke" - Craig

Shut Up

"They make us sound like we mean business, which we do, as we are businessmen, and we are very serious. Seriously" - Ian

"With Kev behind the desk we always get a great sound and we can hear our vocals - which makes a change!! Thanks Kev!!"

Fables Last Stand
Southern Blood
Icarus Down
A++++++++ - Shaun
The Healing
Rain Chorus

"KPASound have provided the gear for a lot of our gigs and it's always fantastic and to be honest, a very reasonable price. Thanks Kevin" - Chris


"Borderland have used KPA Sound since day one and Kevin has assisted the band greatly in acheiving the sound it was looking for (including the BIG harmony vocals!)

Always reliable, professional and a perfectionist, he is recognised as the 6th member of Borderland and is also a really canny bloke! Just don't hire him unless we don't need him that day ok!!"

Mark - Borderland